2017 Reading List

With the new year nearly here, I figured now would be a good time to list the books I plan to finish or start reading during 2017. I’m notorious for starting multiple books at a time and taking weeks or months to finish them. Granted, now and again I get so engrossed with a book I can’t put it down. Other times I’m dreading finishing the story so I have to take a break. This pattern of reading multiple books at a time paired with sometimes lengthy breaks doesn’t bother me since I can remember the details of each individual book.
This list will certainly grow throughout the year as I come across new books.

Started in 2016, but will finish in 2017:

  • Goth by Otsuichi
  • Of Irish Blood by Mary Pat Kelly
  • People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks
  • Asylum by Madeleine Roux
  • Letters from a Murderer by John Matthews
  • Crusher by Niall Leonard
  • Those We Left Behind by Stuart Neville

    2017 books:

    • Bad Blood by John Sandford
    • Inspector Imanishi Investigates by Seichō Matsumoto
    • The Yard by Alex Grecian

    What are some of the books you’re looking forward to reading in 2017? I’m always open to suggestions, so please leave a comment about any books you recommend. 

    Happy reading!